Carolena Nericcio & Limited Edition Tribal swordQ: Where is your factory?

A: There is NO factory. The swords are NOT mass-produced. They are made in our workshop & foundry here in Australia.


Q: What are the approximate weights of the swords?

A: Swords range in weight from approximately 500gms (Talwar) to 970gms (MB & PB).


Q: Are the swords balanced?

A: Yes. All swords are made with stability & aesthetics in mind. They are individually checked, hand-balanced & notched at the appropriate balance point.


Q: I’ve drawn an idea of a sword I’d like made.

Would you be able to make it for me?
How much would it cost?

A: Everything is possible if you have time, skill, resources and money.

Obviously we would need to discuss your requirements.

Custom sword pricing begins at a minimum of $400 with payment upfront.


Q: How should I (a) clean and (b) polish my Zenptah sword?

A: (a) Before & after each use wipe your Zenptah sword over with a soft cloth. Avoid using material made from synthetic fibres.

(b) Polish your Zenptah sword with a good, non-abrasive metal polish. This can be purchased from any auto shop.

The best way to protect your Zenptah sword is to always store & carry it in a Zenptah sword-bag. NB: The only time your sword should be uncovered in public is during your performance!!

Also note, our swords are classed as theatrical props, not weapons. This can be verified by your friendly, local policeperson.