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Early lacework swords with Bedouin dancersZENPTAH Swords – brief history

A creative metal-worker with black-smithing traditions going back six generations, Geoff made his first Zenptah sword after hearing constant complaints from his friend Glenda (Rasheeda) about her dance sword’s dangerous imperfections.

Many attempts to fix its recurring problems led to frustration so, to end the problem once & for all, Geoff decided to make a sword himself.

That first sword took months of thinking, designing & experimenting. When finished, it was such an obvious improvement on any sword available to dancers at the time, that another friend – also a belly dancer – asked for a similar one to be made for her.

And so began the Zenptah journey.

Constant improvements in design & materials mean that today’s Zenptah swords are superior, well-balanced, master-crafted objects . They are practical & beautiful with authentic, historical references. Most importantly, because they are still made by the original creator with his own resources, they remain individual & true works of art which pursuers of quality will be proud to own.

The Name:

ZENPTAH is the combination of two words – Zenobia – after the third century warrior queen of the Palmyrene Empire who led a famous revolt against the Romans & P’tah – the chief god & patron of craftsmen & women in Ancient Egypt.